Paralegal / Notary Public

Servicing Orlando Since 1993


Our paralegal services offers the paper work for: Bankruptcy, Divorce and Inmigration among other documents to be notarized  like affidavits , wills etc. 



Let my expertise and years of experience guide you . With my help your matter will be brought to a JUST, TIMELY and AFFORDABLE solution.



Our office is in a very convenient location with free parking and easy access.  Go to CONTACT  to submit your question or request an appointment.


Working on any type of Family court forms

Arelis Cruz provides outstanding Paralegal Document Preparation Support to the general public. All of our forms are up to date, clean and court approved. We are available Monday through Friday to answer all of your procedural questions and address all of your concerns. Please note I'm not a lawyer and cannot give legal advice or represent you in court for any matter.